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male pelvic device kegel exerciser for men

male pelvic device kegel exerciser for men

The eKegel is a revolutionary tool for men to fight erectile dysfunction and incontinence.

The eKegel electrically stimulates the pelvic floor muscles in a completely pain-free way with incredible results over time. The daily sessions are short (10 minutes) and can be done anywhere standing or lying down. Using the eKegel is easy and discreet.

Despite how easy using the eKegel is, the results build over time just like any other muscle training exercise. With stronger muscles, men of all ages can benefit from greatly improved erectile function and continence. 

The eKegel is the only device designed specifically to strengthen men's pelvic floor muscles. This is the best male pelvic device. It will greatly improve your life!

Save $152.50The eKegel 1.0The eKegel 1.0
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